The cutting-edge
loyalty marketing platform

Give your customers an unique shopping experience!

Get new customers
                                thanks to our solutions!

  • Personalized loyalty programs
  • Advanced algorithms collecting and   analyzing consumer data.
  • Real-time marketing campaigns.
  • Marketing automation , segmentation and   opinion survey.

How does MintCloud
work? from the customer perspective

The customer downloads free MintCloud application. Dostępne:

Buys a product or service and   receives a receipt.

Za pomocą aplikacji robi zdjęcie paragonu / faktury.

The consumer exchanges points for   rewards.

Why are customers willing to scan their receipts?

Because it's worth it! Thanks to MintCloud app they can:

  • receive offers tailored to their real needs (based on their shopping history)
  • manage expenses and run their home budget
  • store receipts in one place in case of a complaint or return

Take a look!

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See the cooperation possibilities


Who do we work with?

Our partners are: marketing agencies, mystery shopping, media houses and consulting companies.

We decide on the settlement method individually with each partner. We offer two settlement models:

  • license
  • revenue share

What solutions do we offer?

Personalized loyalty programs

Configure a program with regard to the specificity of the company and individual preferences of the consumers.

Additional functionalities:
  • Gift cards (an online loyalty card that can be gift, you can pay with it and recharge it)
  • Cash-back (exchange of points for cash - top-up a gift card)
  • VIP discounts (discounts for selected customers - permanent, temporary or conditional)
  • Referral program (permanent or temporary)
Big Data Harvesting

Gathering, collecting and processing data downloaded from the customer's public social network.

Marketing Automation

Automated messages: e-mail, SMS and notifications in the MintCloud application.

Promotional campaigns

Scenario creator that includes information about consumers (personal data, purchase history, behaviors and interests) and external factors (time, weather, location or match result).

Opinion polls

Test the level of consumer satisfaction. Analyze the results of surveys.


Use competition creator, with applications panel and analysis of results.

Profiling and segmentation

Divide consumers based on quantitative and qualitative data. Personalize the message and promotional offers.

Statistics and analysis

Access reports on marketing activities. Adapt the analysis to your requirements.

Start working with MintCloud!

Examples of promotional campaigns

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