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MintCloud loyalty platform

from 69 PLN per month

  • A personalized loyalty program
  • Automation of marketing campaigns
  • Opinion survey
  • Algorithms that collect and collect data
  • Statistics and reports
  • Technical assistance

Fee for subscription

Fee for 1 selling point

69 zł net price

The fee for maintaining the customer base

Fee for maintaining a base of 1000 customers

0 zł net price

Additional customers in the base

wg cennika

Fee for sending messages to customers (optional)

Fee for maintaining a base of 1000 customers

0 zł net price

Additional customers in the base

wg cennika


How much will you pay for using the MintCloud platform?

Subscription fee , which is the license fee for individual points of sale
                                 1 point of sale = PLN 69 net / month

Fee for maintaining the customer base on the MintCloud platform.
                                The fee depends on the size of the base - that is the number of customers who                                 they participate in the company's loyalty program. At the end of each period                                 The billing amount of the base is verified.

  • Fee for maintaining the database 1000 customers = PLN 0
  • Fee for additional contacts according to the price list:
from to Monthly fee
0 1 000 0 zł
1 001 2 000 40 zł
2 001 4 000 72 zł
4 001 8 000 128 zł
8 001 16 000 224 zł
16 001 32 000 384 zł
32 001 64 000 576 zł
64 001 128 000 832 zł
128 001 256 000 1152 zł
256 001 512 000 1536 zł
512 001 1 024 000 1945 zł
1 024 001 2 048 000 2355 zł

We do not charge any fees for maintaining the database when there is less data in it,                                 than 1000 customers. Only when the company acquires a larger number of loyal customers                                 and thus will generate a greater profit, we introduce a fee.

Fee for sending messages to customers (optional)
                                Applies only to companies that use the option of sending messages. The fee depends                                 is from the type of shipment (automatic / manual), type of message (SMS / E-mail)                                 and the size of the base.

  • Bezpłatny Pakiet 5000 E-maili do wykorzystania raz w miesiącu
  • Other packages according to the price list
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For what period is the contract concluded?

The contract is concluded for an indefinite period with one month's notice.

How can I make a payment?

To meet the expectations of our future                             and current customers, payments can be made in several ways:

  • by plugging the card
  • via online payments - Dotpay
  • by making a transfer (traditional or online) based on the received proforma invoice
Kiedy należy dokonać płatności?

Subscription fee - charged in advance based on proforma invoice.
                                The billing period begins the day after issuing the proforma invoice, e.g. if 15.01 a proforma invoice has been issued, from 16.01 you have                                 the ability to use the system. If there is no deposit - the system does not work.

Fee for maintaining the customer base - taken from below
                                After exceeding the number of unpaid records (1000 customers), with the subscription paid in advance, the item will appear on the invoice                                 "cost of maintaining the base" for the previous billing period.

Fee for shipping to customers - top down
                                You pay for the SMS and / or E-mail Packages you have chosen to use. The position is added                                 to invoice in the next billing period.

Can I pay for a year or other period in advance? Will the cost be the same?

Jest możliwość płatności z góry. Przysługujący rabat jest wyliczany indywidualnie. W przypadku zainteresowania abonamentem rozliczanym w innym okresie niż miesięczny - skontaktuj się z nami.

How will I receive an invoice?

You will receive the invoice by e-mail to the e-mail address indicated by you.

Sending messages to customers

E-mail/SMS packages

Is the purchase of E-mail / SMS Packages obligatory?

Nie. Pakiety to dodatkowa usługa, dzięki której masz możliwość bezpośredniego kontaktu z klientami, aby zwiększyć skuteczność działań marketingowych.

What are the types of shipments?
  • manual shipping e.g. an email with information about new products or an SMS with an invitation to a new point of sale
  • automatic shipment according to a predetermined scenario


description of events that are to trigger the so-called interaction                                     (automatic system operation)

Examples of shipments by scenario:

Scenario A
Jedna interakcja z systemem

Every fifth customer after purchase is to receive PLN 50 for a gift card                                      - the system recharges funds on the card

Scenario B
Two interactions with the system

Klient zbliża się do sklepu konkurencji - system wysyła SMS z kodem rabatowym na zakupy w Twoim sklepie
Klient skorzystał z kodu - system wysyła EMAIL z podziękowaniem za zakupy

Scenario C
Three interactions with the system

The temperature rises to 25 degrees. The system sends an SMS with a 25% discount for lemonade in your premises
The customer buys lemonade - the system top-ups the customer's point account with a bonus of 10 points
The system sends a notification to the customer in the MintCloud application with a summary of the status of the point account
Who sets up the shipment?

Możesz samodzielnie ustawić wysyłkę lub zlecić ustawienie Opiekunowi Klienta. Zazwyczaj zlecane są wysyłki automatyczne z wykorzystaniem scenariuszy.

What are the shipping fees?
  • interaction fee - only for automatic shipments.
    • for 1 interaction = 0.07 PLN net / user
    • for 2 interaction = PLN 0.14 net / user
    • dla 3 interakcji i więcej = 0,21 zł netto / użytkownika
  • payment for sending SMSs / e-mails in accordance with the table below.
SMS packages
  • Cena podstawowa za 1 sms = 12 gr netto
  • Pakiety sms:
Package size The cost of 1 SMS Package cost
Pay as you go 0,120 zł - zł
1 000 0,110 zł 110 zł
2 000 0,100 zł 200 zł
5 000 0,090 zł 450 zł
10 000 0,085 zł 850 zł
25 000 0,080 zł 2 000 zł
50 000 0,076 zł 3 800 zł
100 000 0,070 zł 7 000 zł
200 000 0,070 zł 14 000 zł
500 000 0,070 zł 35 000 zł
1 000 000 0,070 zł 70 000 zł
E-mail packages
  • Pakiet bezpłatnych 5000 E-maili / co miesiąc
  • Pozostałe pakiety:
Package size The cost of 1 email Package cost
5 000 0,0100 zł 0 zł
10 000 0,0090 zł 90 zł
25 000 0,0080 zł 200 zł
50 000 0,0075 zł 375 zł
100 000 0,0070 zł 700 zł
250 000 0,0050 zł 1 250 zł
500 000 0,0030 zł 1 500 zł
1 000 000 0,0020 zł 2 000 zł
2 000 000 0,0015 zł 3 000 zł
3 000 000 0,0013 zł 3 900 zł
5 000 000 0,0010 zł 7 000 zł

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