Our super Mint!

Give your customers unique shopping experience!

Take care of long-lasting relationships and  build loyalty!

  • Create a loyalty program based on preservation and   preferences of customers.
  • Use advanced algorithms that collect and   analyze data.
  • Run effective real-time marketing campaigns.
  • Automate marketing activities and measure their effects.

How does MintCloud
work? from the customer perspective

The customer downloads free MintCloud application. Dostępne:

He buys your company's product at any point of sale and receives a receipt.

Za pomocą aplikacji robi zdjęcie paragonu / faktury.

The app reads the data and   gives points according to the rules you specify.

The customer exchanges points for   rewards.

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Why customers   want to
scan receipts?

Because it's worth! Thanks to MintCloud app they can:

  • receive offers tailored to your real needs
  • run their budget and manage expasnes
  • store receipts in one place in case of a complaint

Have a look!

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What solutions does MintCloud offer?

A personalized loyalty and motivation program

Offers tailored to individual needs and an attractive reward system will engage customers and encourage them to make larger purchases. Sales will increase, a loyal   customers   will be happy to recommend your products to friends

Using a simple creator you can create a loyalty program without having to invest in IT resources. You can use it anytime   with support and   caregiver tips. You decide how to reward your customers - e.g. by a rebate for next purchases, material reward or cashback. You determine what resources to allocate on the program, and the algorithm will evaluate   its level of attractiveness   i   will estimate what profits you can make expect. Customers   are more likely to re-purchase and the average value of the basket will increase.

Automated promotional campaigns (short- and   long-term)

You will prepare advertising campaigns based on scenarios - from simple,                                 one-off promotions   for complex gamification using a number of external ones                                 contexts: geolocation, current weather or match result. Thanks     technology;                                 Machine Learning you will be able to use current information   about behaviors                                 and   interests of its customers.

Happy customer

Thanks to   a simple editor   and   ready-made scenarios, you will prepare automated promotional campaigns that will interest your current and potential customers. will use various contexts. Discount on hats when forecasts predict frosts? Sure! Notification customer via SMS that a discount is waiting in your store if   just goes too close to the store competition? Nothing easier! Or maybe a free beer in the match break for anyone on this evening will be marked in your Facebook space? Bless you! Thanks to our technologies, you will charm your customers and   you will successfully connect with your business.

Relation marketing, opinion survey

Individually communicate with each customer via text messages, e-mails   whether notifications in the application. Choose target groups according to reasonable criteria. Maintain the relationship between the brand and customers. Get to know their opinion and satisfaction level. It will allow   to effectively respond to the needs and   build a professional image!

Easy communication

With MintCloud, communication with customers becomes more and more                                     very simple and   effective. You will be able to send automated                                     messages   to all customers or their individual groups,                                     to reach everyone with the most effective and interesting                                     him with a message. You do not have to worry about the legal side of communication   -                                     it is not possible for a person who has received a message from you                                     he will not give consent.

Segmentation and analysis

Based on the knowledge of actual shopping behavior, automatically                                 you divide your customers into groups. You'll also get an insight into accurate statistics to rate                                 effectiveness of individual marketing activities and check the value of transactions                                   at individual points of sale.

Easy communication

All promotional activities and loyalty programs,                                     which you are doing with MintCloud, they serve a very specific business   goal:                                     are to maximize your profit. Keeping track of your statistics   is easy,                                     which of the actions taken   are the most profitable. You will see in which groups                                     customers conversion from a given message is the highest. Everything to make you                                     he did not waste neither   zlotys   from the marketing budget of MintCloud.

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