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Polish market for children's products worth almost 10 billion PLN , according to GUS data. New brands are still being created and the market is growing dynamically reaching 4-5% per year. Nothing indicates a change this trend.

What does this mean for companies involved in the production of baby products? Of course, growing competition. There is a lot to fight for - customers don't like to save on their children when the manufacturer guarantees high quality, convenience and security. Parents awareness about quality products grows from year to year.

Loyalty program

How to attract new customers and gain their loyalty? How to keep present?                             It is worth thinking about a well-thought-out loyalty program and   appropriate promotions,                             which in quick   and   simple way you will realize using MintCloud . To persuade the customer                             for shopping you need to gain his interest and engage him. You can reward for regular                             shopping attractive   awards   in the form of a permanent discount on the entire range, voucher for the playroom                             or educational toys for children. You can also use gift cards. Whatever you come up with,                             he can go to the prize catalog.

Promotional campaigns

  • Thanks to data analysis of content published on social media MintCloud allows you to create very personalized promotional offers that taking into account their behavior and interests. Happy Birthday Wishes and a discount as a gift? Nothing easier.
  • You can also use any external factors, for example, automatically offer discounts on warm clothes during fall and so on. If the temperature exceeds a certain level give your customers a discount, for example for summer shoes.
  • Reward customers who promote your store on social media.

Choose an offer for your company!


Examples of promotional campaigns

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