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Grocery stores

According to GFK data from 2017 , there are over 100,000 grocery stores operating in Poland of which more than a quarter are chain stores, but at the same time only 6% of the market belongs to discounters, super- and hypermarkets. The market is still open for smaller entities.

For an owner of a traditional grocery, this means one thing - very high competition. You need to be constantly striving for customers' concerns. Competitive price is no longer enough and in addition, it is unprofitable in the long run - the customer will always find a cheaper store and will shop in it .

Loyalty program

So the biggest challenge is about convincing the customer to regularly return to our store. What you especially need to take care of, is his commitment and long lasting relationships.

In this case, it is worth using proven & effective solutions and that's exactly what MintCloud has to offer. You can easily create a loyalty program and attractive promotional campaigns tailored to your needs and customer expectations.

You'll decide how you'll reward your customers loyalty. These can be their favorite products, a promotional coupon, a discount, or a refund gift that they can use in your store or in a friendly place.

Promotional campaigns

  • How to build loyalty? You can use our automatic promotional campaigns.
  • How about a gift for your customer on his birthday? Notification about the discount for the most frequently bought products when the customer is just passing by your store ... or the opposite, when they are too often in the competition store? And maybe a special promotion on regional products?
  • With MintCloud you can do it all and even much more. You can easily stand out from the competition   and   build valuable and   long-lasting customer relations.

Choose an offer for your company!


Examples of promotional campaigns

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