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Hairdressing and beauty salons

According to the BiK 2017 report, there are over 93,000 hairdressing & cosmetic services in Poland. The market value was wroth approximately 2 billion PLN , and the growth rate is estimated at 7-10% .

In recent years we have been observing a change in the market structure - small companies are giving up next to network salons, but still every third point remains an independent enterprise.

The market is characterized by low costs starting operations - opening a small a living room salon is an investment of approximately 10-30 thousand PLN . In many cases, after a year or so, the salon starts to make money on its own. Success depends mainly on two factors: above all - employees competence, but also a convenient location

Loyalty program

The biggest advantage of this business, i.e. low entry costs on the market and the easy-to-measure chances of success, they are also ... the biggest threat. Just that nearby, but in a slightly better location rise competitive salon, and the qualifications of employees will be similar - i then I will face the outflow of customers. It is worth getting ready for it in advance.

Customer's attachment is the key, you want them to come back to the store and bring their friends. How to achieve it? Just reach out to MintCloud and together with us create an engaging loyalty program.

You can reward your customers for regular visits ( for spent zlotys will receive loyalty points ). After receiving a certain amount of points they will get a reward in the form of discounts or a coupon for a selected service or a cosmetics kit.  You can also reward one type of service like for example 10 treatments or another free offer. Everything depends on you! Consider using the social media to give bonuses to your customers who will register in your salon.

Promotional campaigns

  • Clients will also engage in catchy promotional campaigns . Free shaving head, when Michał Pazdan score goal? Dave Gahan haircut discount before the Depeche Mode concert? Special treatments preparing for the next season when the temperature exceeds a certain level? With MintCloud, it's just a matter of moments!

Choose an offer for your company!


Examples of promotional campaigns

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