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The gastronomic industry in Poland is constantly growing. From A.T.                     Kearney shows that in 2018 the number of catering establishments will reach 77 thousand.

For restaurateurs, growing competition really means a problem                     with customer maintenance. An increasing choice combined with growing wealth                     Poles make consumers less and less attached to specific premises.                     Restaurants and   bars therefore began to introduce more or less advanced programs,                     to encourage the customer to visit again.

Loyalty program

Independent development or commissioning the creation of loyalty application is very expensive and only the largest networks can afford them. Here, however, MintCloud comes with help - a modern loyalty program that you can fully customize to the specifics of your premises and customer preferences.

The idea is simple. For each amount spent, the customer receives loyalty points that can be exchanged for prizes. How you reward the customer depends only on you. Discount for your next order?  Return of zlotys to a gift card? Or maybe free dessert for the next meal? No problem.

In MintCloud, your customers can also collect virtual stamps, without the need to carry cards and remembering to stamp them. Just take a photo of the receipt using the application and you ready to go.

You can also give extra points for performing a specific action - like check in onFacebook or bring a friend.

Promotional campaigns

  • Do not forget to plan simple promotional campaigns. Discount on cooling drinks when the temperature outside exceeds 25 degrees? Free meal for the customer on their birthday? VIP discount on wedding anniversary?  Nothing easier! With MintCloud everything is possible.

Choose an offer for your company!


Examples of promotional campaigns

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