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Bakeries and confectioneries

The data of the GFK Household Panel states clearly that the bakery and confectionery market in Poland, is worth 3,6 billion PLN. The average Polish family buys annually 15 kg of sweets and sweet pastries, spending on average 274 PLN during about 43 visits . About 10% of purchases are made on all kinds of promotions.

Forecasts are optimistic - the market will grow. Clients   are increasingly willing to go to small, traditional confectioneries, less favorably looking at the offer of supermarkets and discounters. The baking segment is growing "pro-health", consumers are becoming more aware of change eating habits. It's the perfect moment to enter the market and take a piece of cake for yourself.

The growing demand forces more and more supply, so it is not surprising that they appear in Polish cities more bakeries and confectioneries. Many of them boldly put on innovations - it is estimated that even 30% offers are products referring to new market trends. The problem is ... hardly anyone knows about it.

Most of the entrepreneurs who run confectioneries simply do not have the   tools to run. Communications marketing. As a result, they do not attach as many customers to each other as they could.

Loyalty program

The overriding goal is to establish long-term relationships and   customer engagement. How to do it? encouraging them to re-purchase through appropriately constructed with a loyalty program.

With MintCloud it's very easy - regardless of how do you want to reward your customers for regular shopping,  or only for the purchase of selected items. Loyalty points  you can exchange for attractive prizes (another free baking, a permanent discount on the entire assortment or a promotional coupon). You decide what to put in the prize catalog .

Promotional campaigns

  • What else can your customers engage in? Personalized promotional campaigns - from the simplest ones, for example, a free cake on their birthday, to invitations for a tasting of newly baked goods when the customer passes near by the bakery or even VIP discounts on the customer's wedding anniversary. Thanks to our ready-made scenarios, the preparation for a promotion will only take a few moments.

Choose an offer for your company!


Examples of promotional campaigns

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