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The sale of jewelry is becoming more and more difficult. On Polish market 3.9 thousand brands are local producers, but their number is systematically decreasing. The number of jewelry stores is also dropping - this trend is continuing for several years now and there has been no indication that it would change.

Jewelers are facing a problem with establishing a lasting relationships with their customers. Most transactions on the market are relatively low. It's difficult to compete effectively with the price - with the rest it is not profitable in the long run, because there is always someone cheaper. Many entrepreneurs do not advise themselves too much with the creation of suitable offers, so as to take into account real needs and expectations customers. And keep in mind that only personalized activities are effective.


Our MintCloud solution convinced Jubistyl brand owners. During the promotional campaign every 10th customer received 50 PLN for gift card , if the purchase value exceeded 50 PLN . The obtained funds could be used for further shopping or could be passed on to friends.

A seemingly simple scenario turned out to be a hit - percentage of transactions for the amount above 50 PLN was during the campaign 68% during when it normally does not exceed 30% .

The brand decided to repeat the promotion and they noticed even better results.

Loyalty program and   promotions

  • There are even more opportunities. One of the MintCloud's strongest functionality is an automated gathering of information about the customer, not only on the basis data aggregation but also about purchases, and thanks to analysis of the content published on social media.
  • Remember that jewelry purchase is driven by emotion.  Maybe offer a ring with a favorite motif to a customer who has already done shopping with us? If the customer recently bought a wife earrings, it is worth suggesting a matching bracelet.  With MintCloud, it's not only possible, it's also very simple!
  • Nothing stands in the way if you would want a loyalty program rewarding simply regular shopping or referrals to friends.

Choose an offer for your company!


Examples of promotional campaigns

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