Our super Mint!

Give your customers unique shopping experience!

Loyal customers   buy more often
i   spend more!

  • Create a unique loyalty program tailored to the real needs and   expectations of customers.
  • Use advanced technologies   that collect data about behavior and   interests of customers.
  • Automate promotional campaigns   Save time.
  • Check the effectiveness of your activities.

How does MintCloud
work? from the customer perspective

The customer downloads free MintCloud application. Dostępne:

Buys your product or pays for the service and receives a receipt or invoice.

Za pomocą aplikacji robi zdjęcie paragonu / faktury.

The app reads the data and   gives points according to the rules you specify.

The customer exchanges points for   rewards.

The customer can collect points in an alternative way

A tablet with the MintCloud application and a traditional loyalty card is available.

  • You set the tablet next to the cash register - application   is very simple and   unusually intuitive.
  • After the payment is made, the customer scans their plastic loyalty card or electronic card.
  • The customer enters the amount from the receipt or invoice.
  • The application grants him points according to the rules you set. At the end, the seller approves the transaction.

If the   customer does not have a smartphone, so he can not download the application, he can sign up in MintCloud through a tablet at the point of sale. He then gets a plastic loyalty card with a QR code. The card contains coded points and   customer data. Tablets are installed on specially designed racks, thanks   why using them is convenient for the seller and   customer.

Join MintCloud
                    - from PLN 69 monthly!

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Why customers   want to
scan receipts?

Because it's worth! Thanks to MintCloud app they can:

  • run their budget and manage expasnes
  • store receipts in one place in case of a complaint
  • get promotions tailored to your needs

Have a look!

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What opportunities   MintCloud gives to your company?

Personalized loyalty programs

Personalization will increase interest in your loyalty program, and as a result, your brand. Thanks to   MintCloud, you'll get more frequent customers purchases and   you will increase the average value of the basket.

Wykorzystując prosty w obsłudze kreator stworzysz program lojalnościowy, który trafi w gusta Twoich klientów. Zdecydujesz, w jaki sposób nagradzać lojalność - m.in. rabatem na kolejne zakupy, nagrodą rzeczową czy cashbackiem. Sam ustalisz, jakie środki przeznaczyć na program, a algorytm oceni poziom atrakcyjności i oszacuje, jak wysokich zysków możesz się spodziewać. Twoi klienci będą chętniej wracać i przyciągną znajomych.

Promotional campaigns and   special events

You can easily prepare promotional campaigns                                 from the simplest to very extensive. If you need it, you can                                 use ready templates.

Thanks to   a simple editor   and   ready-made scenarios, you will prepare automated                                     promotional campaigns that will interest your current and potential customers.                                     You will use various contexts. Discount on hats when forecasts predict frosts? Sure!                                     Customer notification by SMS that a discount is waiting for you in your store if   just goes                                     too close to the competition store? Nothing easier! Or maybe a free beer during the break of the match                                     for anyone who marks this evening in your Facebook space? Bless you!                                     Thanks to our technologies, you will charm your customers and you will successfully connect with your business.

Communication with customers

Skillfully communicate with customers   with messages   SMS, Email and   notifications in the application. Choose recipients according to advanced criteria.

Easy communication

With MintCloud, communication with customers becomes more and more                                     very simple and   effective. You will be able to send automated                                     messages   to all customers or their individual groups,                                     to reach everyone with the most effective and interesting                                     him with a message. You do not have to worry about the legal side of communication   -                                     it is not possible for a person who has received a message from you                                     he will not give consent.

Customers opinion research

Get to know your customers' opinion about the company,                                 product or service   or the overall level of satisfaction.                                 It will allow   to effectively respond to their needs and build                                 professional image!

Zadowolony klient to jedna z najważniejszych wartości firmy. W MintCloud masz możliwość wysyłania ankiet do wybranych grup lub do wszystkich swoich klientów. Im lepiej ich poznasz, tym łatwiejsza stanie się budowa ich lojalności. Niech Twoja firma będzie miała opinię przyjaznej i otwartej na potrzeby klienta!

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Examples of promotional campaigns

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